Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What to do? What to do?

The role of a father is one of great importance because they are responsible for providing direction and guidance for their children. Sometimes children will follow the lead of their fathers, but there are times when they need a little nudge. There are other times when a child makes decisions based on prior knowledge and previous experiences disregarding the instruction that has been provided by the father. Does this mean that the child does not trust the father? Certainly not! It simply means that children must have experiences that teach them fathers look out for their best interest and would by no means place them in harms way.

This father is preparing his son to steal home. Here is prior knowledge, previous experiences, and trust in action!

"Son, get ready! Take off when I tell you to go!"

"Son, what are you doing?"
"Dad, I didn't think I could make it. The catcher had the ball! I'll go on the next pitch."

"Uh-oh! Forget the next pitch; the catcher has the ball again!"

"I better get back to third base before I get thrown out!"

"Okay, I'm stealing home this time!"

"Uh! No, I'm not!"

"Yes, I am! What to do? What to do?"

"Whew, I made it!"

Prom Princess

What do you get when you mix charm with beauty?  The answer: Brittany!

Yes, this beautiful 18 year old little girl radiates charm, beauty, and confidence.  Mom and I planned a photo session at a special location to capture the beauty of the couple before they left for the prom. However, due to the seniors wanting more time to get ready, they changed our plans and location.  Our  session was on Western Swing, the home of Brittany.  Not what I had in mind!  After viewing the photos, I realized the setting does add to the picture, but what really sets the stage for the photo is the beauty God has placed within His children.

Mr. Clarke was a team player this evening.  He was in awe when he saw how gorgeous his little princess looked in her form fitting gown that displayed her well toned track physique.  She almost did not get to go to the prom!  I asked him to change clothes so that he might take a few pictures with his daughter.  With no hesitation, he solicited the help of his wife to find matching attire.  Mrs. Clarke dressed him well.

Daddies set the precedence on how their little angels should be treated.  Way to go dad!

Chris, you are a quick learner.  Continue to follow the model your fathers (yours and Brittany's) are setting for you.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Bobbitt Clan

It was my honor to photograph one of my co-workers and her beautiful family. LaToya and Celnell were naturals in front of the camera and knew how to work it! The children, Quahary and Cynaye, were awesome and allowed their personalities to shine forth.